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hey look someone wrote in here

Hey so I just though I'd say hi...I'm at the beach on my laptop like a loser. So I am watching MTV and they have the NFG GC MXPX and Stretch Armstrong concert on, but it's behind the scenes stuff, like mosh injuries. I don't like MTV much, but oh well. I can't tell what venue they are playing but it's not the one I was at (Birmingham, because some people weren't out of school yet and so we just made a road trip out of it).

What I think is weird is that two years ago when I saw MXPX, Good Charlotte opened for them and we were like, "Who are they? They are kinda good, for opening..." But no one had ever heard of them before, and now they are more popular than MXPX. In fact, it was advertised as the "New Found Glory and Good Charlotte Civic Tour." That's so stupid. And Stretch Armstrong has been around a while, but they opened. My friend Matt's cousin is the lead singer of New Found Glory...

Yeah ok so really I didn't have anything to say in this entry but I was watching that show and was like, "Hey no one ever writes in here, maybe I should."
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