__bushshoulddie (__bushshoulddie) wrote in mxpxlikewhoa,

i hate to tell you all this but your little band mxpx is bullshit. i was outside a show tonight because i didnt feel like support this band that i was already not found of and i see the lead singer/bassist from mxpx walk out of the show wearing a hoodie. so i look to see if its a hoodie that looks any good cause if it was i was going to ask my friend to buy me one. think that it would be a band on tour withs them hoodie. and low and behold its an mxpx hoodie. and thats just the gayest fucking thing i have ever seen he was wearing an mxpx hoodie(the band he is in) this little band has gone from a 2or3 to -3or-4. thats the gayest thing i have seen in my life and that band should be shoot. fuck them and there shity ass pop punk bullshit.
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