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sore throat [x-posted]

mxpx was so awesome tonite! i saw them at universal amp w/ dashboard confessional. this was only my second time seeing them live [the first time was a little over 2 years ago] and i was totally impressed. i never usually get all crazy-like at shows, but tonite was different. i must've been struck my the mxpx spirit cause i was scaring even the people in the seats next to me, and my best friend. haha. i totally lost my voice after their set but that's alright. anything for mxpx.

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Man, I cannot wait till Sunday when I get to see them!! What was the set list? And how was DC and Brand New?
in no particular order they played:
chick magnet
everything sucks
buildings tumble
tomorrow's another day
my life story
today is in my way
well adjusted
[maybe more songs than that?]
and finished with:
punk rock show

dashboard was amazing as always. the crowd was so into it all.

and brand new was great! i saw them once before, about a year ago, and it's great to see how much they're grown. they had a ton of energy.

vendetta red also opened for them and they were a lot better than i expected.

have a blast on sunday!
ahh! omg i know it was so amazing. i was so happy when they played tomorrow is another day and when mike busted out the acustic guitar i know hte song but not the title. i wish they coulda played let it happen, but it was still amazing.

i was really happy they played tomorrow's another day also. that's one of my favorite songs. i wish they would've played middle name though. but that's alright. i'm still on a high from last nite. hehe.