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My friend gave me a copy yesterday. I dunno. Its really different. Really different. Someone was changing the cds while I was driving and when I first heard it, I couldn't even tell it was them. I mean, you know their sound. You know that bad ass drumming they have in like all their songs before. I couldn't tell it was them until I heard their voices. Its going to take a lot of getting used to I guess... I'm trying to like it. Is it me or are most of the vocals sounding alike? I think I jumped around in the tracks and felt like I was listening to the same song the whole time I was driving (I kinda wish I was and had only mistaken... but no). And then what's with all the weird intros? Seems so different... I couldn't bare to listen to the whole thing just yet. But hearing most of the intros, it sounded like there are all these weird electronic add-ins and ehh... I am mistaken? Maybe... But, I'm not gunna give up on the cd just yet
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